MX-AMP60/120   60W/120W Mixer Amplifier

The mixer amplifiers MX-AMP 60T / MX-AMP 120T and MX-AMP 120 are ideal to be connnected to up to four microphones (XLR, DIN, Phone Jacks for 3+4) and two line-sources (cinch, switchable CD/AUX). An additional Sub-D connector is fitted for the M-E 01 desktop microphones.

Besides the precise volume control for each input channel the MX-AMP 60T / MX-AMP 120T and MX-AMP 120 offer fine adjustment of bass and treble. To connect the speakers you can choose between a 100 Volt and an 8 Ohms output. The blue power-LED and a five digit LED-VU meter are informing you about the operational readiness and the output level of the 60 or 120 Watt powered mixer amplifier.

Modulation and contact controlled priority functions meet almost all requirements you can have for a microphone management. Of course you can also use these mixing amplifiers without any priority functions. A second 100 Volt output is only active, when making an announcement for areas in which no background music shall be heard for instance. Both mixer amplifiers can be supplied by a 24V emergency power source.

Due to their compact housing (2U) the MX-AMP 60T / MX-AMP 120T and MX-AMP 120 are ideal for desktop or rack mounting.

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                                MT-AMP 240CDT 240W Mixer Amplifier With CD & Tunner

The mixer amplifier MT-AMP 240 is ideal to be connnected to up to four microphones (XLR) and one external line source (cinch). The MT-AMP 240 CDT is additionally equipped with the plugin modules CD-Player and Tuner.

Both plug-in modules are available separately so you can upgrade the MT-AMP 240 easily. Powered with 240W this mixer amplifier is the optimum »All-in-one solution« for small up to medium-sized projects.

General announcements or alerts can be adressed by push-buttons to four zones. Besides the precise volume control for each input channel the MT-AMP 240 offers fine adjustment of bass and treble.

To connect the speakers you can choose between 25 Volt, 70 Volt, 100 Volt and 8 Ohm outputs. A blue power-LED and a three digit LEDVU meter are informing you about the operational readiness and the output level of the 240 Watt powered mixer amplifier.

The MIC1 input is equipped with a vox function, which mutes all other inputs when the connected microphone is in use. Via internal jumpers phantom power (18V) can be added to the MIC - inputs. The MT-AMP 240 can be supplied from a 24V emergency power source.

19'' installation frames (for rack-mounting) are available for both mixer amplifiers.

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                                AMP120/AMP240  120W/240W Power Amplifier
THE BASICS: 120 / 240 WATT

The power amplifiers AMP 120 and AMP 240 (120 Watt and 240 Watt) are the compact models in the AMP series.

In terms of equipment they do not need to avoid any comparison: Both power amplifiers have balanced and unbalanced inputs (XLR, cinch, 1⁄4 inch jack) for preamplifiers or mixers. Identical connectors for loop through are available to plug in additional amplifiers. Speakers can be connected to the 100 Volt or 8 Ohm output depending on your requirements.

The amplifiers come in slim 19-inch cases (2U). The blue power-LED and the LEDVU meter on the front panel inform you about the operating status. Both models can be supplied by a 24 Volt emergency power source.

Both amplifiers are equipped with a remote start relay. Feeding 24V DC to the remote control input bridges the mains power switch.

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                   DLP06-100/DLP06-165T  6W Ceiling Speaker

Profitable, modern ceiling speakers made of ABS plastic with high efficiency 100mm (DL-P 06/100/T) or 165mm (DL-P 06/165/T) full range speaker. This attractive polymer speaker features the "one hand easy" mounting principle: Innovative cropped springs for quick mounting, increased clamp force and shortened tension distance.

The DL-P has all the advantages of the ABS plastic: because of the excellent shock-resistance the speaker is stable even after years of usage. The light weight of the material makes easy mounting possible. 

We guarantee a fire resistance according to UL94-V0 and IP44.

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                                DL-FF06-165T 6W Ceiling Speaker With Fire Proof Dome

The DL-FF 165 includes two pieces: A ceiling speaker made of powder-coated metal in RAL 9010 with high efficiency and high quality 165 mm full range speaker and fire dome made of steel with 3 functions:

- fire dome (with fire retarding coating)
- built-in dome for concrete ceilings
- electroacoustical housing

The DL-FF 165 is ball proofed according to DIN 18032 part 3. Certified fire protection class B2 according to DIN 4102, part 8 of the building part test and DIN 4102, part 1 of the B2-test for building material. The extent of delivery includes 2 cable exits with PG16, All metal versions of our products have successfully passed these building material tests, and can therefore be classified as fire resistant. The test consisted of installing the speakers with fire safety box in a ceiling (same flame retardant material) and heating them at a temperature of 580° to over 1000° C.

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                   WA-06-165T 6W Box Wall Mount Speaker


The WA-06 165/T Metal is a robust and unobtrusive cabinet speaker in a full metal design.

A high quality 165mm full range speaker performs the excellent speech intelligibility.

The corrosion-free powder-coating in RAL9010 ensures a long-lasting protection against environmental influences.

The vandal proof cabinet speaker is suitable especially for sensitive applications like prisons and industrial projects where plastic and wooden materials cannot be used. 

  • full metal speaker
  • corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • vandal proof

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                                DLBR-15-100/DLBR-30-165   15W/30W Ceiling Spkeaker


The DL-BR 15-100/T plus, DL-BR 30-165/T plus and DL-BR 60-200/T plus are compact ceiling speakers, providing full, high quality sound for background music.

These special ic audio speakers are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores and offices of all kinds.

Low distortion and a smooth, natural frequency response make the DL-BR series ideal for medium volume business music systems as well as for the medium to low SPL segments of larger or louder systems.

The Installation of the DL-BR  speakers is quick and easy. The entire installation can be accomplished without requiring access above the ceiling and is additionally relieved by a suspension. The connection is easlily done by a pluggable clamp. After mounting you can adjust the power conveniently at the front  or at the back (DL-BR 60-200/T plus) of the speakers.

Both speakers are serially equipped with a strain-relief.

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                                DLK-20-165T 20W Hanging Speaker

The  DL-K 20-165/T is a well-shaped, sphere speaker with a high efficiency full range 165mm speaker chassis and a UV-resistant ABS housing in white (RAL 9016). Complying to the IP35 (IEC 529) Standard the sphere speaker is well equipped for a challenging environment.

The connection of the DL-K 20-165/T will be done with a 5m long, 2-pin cable, with up to 40 kg tensile strength. Power adjustments can easily be done by turning an adjustment knob at the top of speaker. The operation in low impedance mode is also possible.

  • UV-resistant ABS-housing
  • IP35 (IEC 529)

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